Hear what people are saying about Bethel...         

 Bethel always has something new for our family...Casey 


Our family loves to go to Sunday School.
We are learning so much about the Bible...Carol

"My kids  Bethel! They are making friends and I dont have to fight with them on
Sunday morning to get up and get ready. "... Joan

"We the way Pastor King teaches the Word.
We are really learning how to live the Christian life!..Katie

We we are making friends at Bethel.
Church now feels like our home!...Bobbi

As the pastor had us stand for Meet & Greet last Sunday morning,
I just stood and looked. Amazed at what God is doing in us, through us,
and for us. It has been amazing to watch the people grow in
God and to be blessings to others."...Judy 

 Bethel and everything about it. The church family has always been
warm and loving and welcomed my family with open arms.
Pastor King and Linda are blessings to the church.
The LORD has given them a gift of touching people's lives.  Mike and I love
Bethel and everyone in it! What a wonderful church to call home."-- Candy

"If you  to praise the Lord, Bethel is the place to be!! The``` praise
and worship service is awesome!"-- Carol

"I  the children's ministry at Bethel. My children can't wait to come to
church to learn about God!" -- Jennifer

"Pastor King is the best preacher/teacher out there.
You're missing out if you're not attending Bethel!" -- Patty

"Awesome church—love it here. New and different, not institutional. Alive. Great,
healthy balanced, dynamic!"  and I
 the music!"-- Nikki

"Thank you for openness & willingness to not doing things just because “we’ve always done it this way.” For providing balance--needs of all ages are met.
For keeping the focus on Jesus!"-- 

"I look forward to coming to Bethel every Sunday. I  the worship—true
Holy Spirit led—the fellowship, breakfast  and seeing everybody.
I love that it is not a canned program–each service is different and spontaneous.
Love Pastor's enthusiasm and energy and the way he brings the
Word of God to us.   I feel at home at Bethel!" --

"You make people feel loved and welcomed. Our first visit felt like
home and like Family!" --

"Pastor and Linda, thank you for being open to the Lord; for being so
vulnerable and transparent and giving to all of us!" -- 

"I really  our church! I have been a believer 35 years, and in this church
I have felt most comfortable and have grown tremendously!"--  

"You make people feel loved and welcomed. Our first visit felt like
home and like Family!"-- 

I  the people at Bethel! They are so warm and loving to me and my family. I love being the Pastor's wife here, the people let me be who I am and love me the way
God made me!"--